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Evaporation System

Vacuum Evaporation System for Thin-Film Solar and Other Applications

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SELENIUS Evaporation System Features

  • Optimized maintenance concept for maximum machine availability/uptime
  • High deposition speed
  • Excellent temperature uniformity during process sequence
  • Substrate pre-heating
  • In-situ monitoring of flux and temperature
  • Proven safety concept based on solid risk management and safety engineering
  • Inline evaporation tool with high throughput capability
  • Modular chamber design supports a flexible layout conception to meet the production requests of the customer
  • Optimized evaporation source utilization through unique chamber design (minimized wall deposition)
  • High deposition speed and repeatability
  • Excellent flux uniformity
  • Easy and fast source refilling/replacement due to user-friendly source positioning

The inline co-evaporation tool is based on the thermal evaporation of all CIGS-related precursor materials. It is dedicated to the deposition of copper-indium-gallium-selenium layers for the purpose to form optimum precursor layers in the application of CIGS-thin-film solar cells.

The evaporation system consists of a handling station, multiple heating/cooling stations and deposition-chambers. The inline evaporation system is offering proven thermal deposition technology, that delivers a high material utilization and excellent layer uniformity. In combination with a high uptime and mechanical yield, the system leads to a highly optimized and flexible production platform.

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