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ZSW Selects Vacuum Coating Machine from SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES for the Further Development of Contact Layers for Perovskite Solar Cells

  • Machine for the application of contact layers for new, highly efficient perovskite solar cells
  • Theoretically achievable efficiency is approx. 30 %

Kahl am Main, March 24, 2022 – SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES has received a new order from the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) for the delivery of a VISTARIS sputtering system for the further development work for perovskite solar cells.

The ZSW scientists intend to use the new system to investigate and optimize the application of contact layers in perovskite solar cells, among other things. The ZSW is currently researching perovskite solar cells, whose main advantages are the low-cost manufacturing processes and their high efficiency. In addition, they can be excellently combined with other materials to form so-called tandem solar cells. Metal-halide perovskites are regarded as particularly promising materials for next-generation solar cells. These semiconductors, which owe their name to the special perovskite crystal structure, have significantly increased efficiency in recent years. In addition, the starting materials needed for perovskite solar cells are abundant, and the solar cells can be produced easily and cheaply and used in a variety of ways.

Like silicon, the mineral occurs in the earth’s crust, but it can also be produced artificially. The efficiency theoretically achievable with perovskite solar cells is about 30.5 %. Rapid progress has raised hopes of increasing the efficiency of commercial PV modules using perovskite.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES – Technologies for a Sustainable World

Responsible and sustainable corporate governance is very important to SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES develops and assembles innovative machines and systems for efficient and resource-saving production processes, which are used worldwide in the solar/hydrogen, semiconductor, medical technology, consumer goods and data storage sectors. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES regards sustainability as an opportunity to position itself with innovative products that follow this spirit.
In the focus are:

  • environmental awareness
  • efficient use of resources
  • avoidance of unnecessary CO₂ pollution

The company’s core competencies include various processes of coating technology, surface treatment and wet-chemical and thermal production processes.

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