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Passivated Edge Technology

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GENERIS PET – Boosting Solar Cell Efficiencies – Introducing New Edge Passivation Technology

New Standalone System to Improve Efficiencies of Half Cut, Multi Cut and Shingle Cells 
Designed for Solar Cell and Module Production Lines

Half Cut and Multi Cut Solar Cells

Shingle Solar Cells

Passivated Edge Technology – Introduction

Solar modules comprising cut cells are meanwhile part of the standard portfolio of almost every solar module manufacturer and supplier, with an increasing trend towards half cut/multi cut cells and shingle technology. The shingle technology l uses solar cells not only being cut in half but also into multiple strips (3, 4 to 8). By dividing the cells, the electrical resistance of the metallization decreases, leading to a higher efficiency of the solar modules in comparison to the use of full cells, e.g., M10, G12. This even overcompensates Voc losses caused by damaged etches after cutting processes.

A further significant boost in module performance can be achieved by the Passivated Edge Technology (PET). This technology involves the deposition of a passivation layer on the cut edges which enhances the overall performance of the cut cell and finally increases the efficiency gain of the module even further. While for half-cell modules the utilization of PET can already achieve an efficiency boost of several percent, this effect becomes even more significant for reduced cut formats used for shingle modules. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES offers the new vacuum deposition system GENERIS PET, an industrialized solution for PET that is particularly characterized by high throughputs at low cost.


After cell cutting, typically performed by a laser-based process, the half cells or cell stripes are bundled into stacks. The stack transfer and loading on the carrier tray of GENERIS PET is fully automated. A unique, in-house developed carrier tray design facilitates processing of several thousand cell parts (stripes) per tray due to the high packing density that can be achieved. In addition, it enables the deposition of the passivation layers to be restricted to the cut edges, thus preventing undesired wraparound of the passivation to the cell surfaces.

The GENERIS PET represents an industrialized inline solution for PET that can achieve half-cell throughputs of several GW per year, depending on the equipment configuration and readily suitable for any crystalline solar cell technology. The universal GENERIS PET design allows for processing of all current and future wafer and cut formats. In addition, its stand-alone design features facile integration into existing solar cell and module manufacturing lines and fabs as well as utilization as a stand-alone tool along with the laser cutting tool.
In summary, the excellent passivation layer properties achieved by the GENERIS PET serve towards high efficiency gains of up to 1% on a multiple cut and shingle cell level compared to its unpassivated counterpart.

GENERIS PET Configuration for Different Capacities

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES offers different versions of the GENERIS PET for the passivation of exposed cut edges of half cut/multi cut solar cells and shingle cells resulting from the cutting process.


The GENERIS PET Standard is the single sided version of the vacuum deposition system for medium size PET applications. It exhibits a small machine footprint and features fully automated substrate loading and unloading, a carrier tray capacity of 4800 substrates and achieves an annual throughput of up to 600 MW for half cut cells.


The GENERIS PET Advanced is the inline version of the vacuum deposition system for high throughput PET applications and offers multiple carrier processing with integrated carrier return system. In addition to the fully automated substrate loading and unloading, it allows a carrier tray capacity of 7200 substrates and achieves an annual throughput of up to 3GW for half cut cells.

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5. Juni 2023

Gesteigerte Leistung von Solarmodulen mit GENERIS PET

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