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Thanks to the broad spectrum of available deposition and conditioning modules the TIMARIS Cluster Tool it the ideal PVD Production Platform for a wide range of applications in the semiconductor industry.

It fulfils all connectivity standards of modern 200 mm and 300 mm foundries and is compatible with GEM300 and SECS/GEM host interfaces and allows advanced process control (APC) necessary for state-of-the art quality control.
All modules are capable to handle 200 mm and 300 mm wafers (smaller wafers via adapters).

Cost efficient
SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES offers modules with several targets and integrated heating/cooling/aligning magnetic field (AMF). This allows to very efficiently manufacture complex multi-layer-structures in just one module, saving cleanroom space as well as production time through reduction of unnecessary inter-module transfers.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is market and technology leader for magnetic structures and spintronic, e.g.:

  • MRAM
  • Thin-Film-Heads
  • Magnetic Sensors
  • Integrated Inductors

The TIMARIS Cluster tool is perfectly fitting to a wide range of applications for example:

  • Advanced Packaging
  • µLED
  • Power Electronics
  • MEMS
  • RF-Filter

Thanks to the patented Linear-Dynamic-Deposition-Technology (LDD) the TIMARIS cluster tool is perfect the deposition film with ultra-precise thickness control down to 0,01 nm and high uniformity. However, this technology can also be used for applications with thicknesses in the micrometer range. The high target utilization allows long lifetime before a target change.

As of today, more than ten process modules are available to configure a TIMARIS system according to customer needs. These modules include the Multi-Target-Module, Oxidation-Process-Module, Pre-Clean-Module, Combi-Process-Module, Four-Target-Module and Static-Deposition-Module as well as the Rotating-Substrate-Module. The Rotating-Substrate-Module is extremely versatile with up to 12 cathodes, possibility to co-sputter, DC and RF.. The TIMARIS PVD modules incorporate the full scope of sputtering techniques as: DC magnetron sputtering, pulsed DC magnetron sputtering and RF magnetron sputtering as well as combinations of these modes are selectable by recipe.

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