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Generis PVD for Hydrogen Applications

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Generis PVD for Hydrogen Applications

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES successfully entered the expanding hydrogen market with the further development of suitable coating processes as well as the corresponding adaptation of its machine technology. Thanks to the company’s core competence in vacuum coating technology (PVD sputtering) efficient solutions for various applications, such as the production of Electrolyzer, can be provided.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES works intensively with partners on the development and optimization of coatings for metallic bipolar plates used in fuel cells and electrolyzers. The modular inline sputtering system GENERIS  PVD from SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES enables the variable deposition of different layer systems and offers the possibility to sputter bipolar plates in all common sizes with a flexible substrate carrier system. The dynamic inline vacuum PVD sputtering enables high-quality and cost-efficient production.

Numerous SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES vacuum sputtering machines are in operation in the solar industry, where SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES provides the GENERIS PVD as a high throughput inline sputtering system platform with horizontal substrate transport. The substrates are automatically transported through the process chambers of the GENERIS PVD, following the inline principle, and applying coatings on both sides. The sputtering system safeguards a high level of layer thickness uniformity with high layer reproducibility, high productivity and at the same time very low operating expenses (OPEX).

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES takes advantage of in-house magnetron development, simulation and optimization of different sputtering processes and in-house component and process developed using state-of-the-art sputtering lab equipment at SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES R&D center. Newly developed processes can be directly adapted to the GENERIS PVD mass production platform.

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Generis PVD for Hydrogen
Bosch Plasma Technology
12. Mai 2023

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES erweitert Portfolio um Anwendungen für den Wachstumsmarkt der Wasserstoff-Technologie

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